Gingham Geranium Dresses

I've been making Geranium Dresses for about 5 years now, since my oldest daughter was born -- it quickly became my go-to dress pattern for little girls. I was excited to hear that Rae was expanding the options and am now honored to be a part of the #geraniumxp fall tour.

I pulled together a sampling of a few of my early geranium makes to share. I've made them so often that I don't even have photographs of them all. I actually drafted a sleeve for the 18 -24 month size which you can see I'm so excited to have a sleeve for all of the sizes now!


For the Geranium Expansion Fall Tour I made matching dresses for my daughters.
The options I incorporated were:
- extended bodice
- peter pan color
- fitted sleeve


I used a black and white cotton gingham with contrasting collars for the fabric. I found some vintage buttons from my stash to use for the closure. These dresses are perfect for fall and the sleeves work well for the weather transition.