Mountain Gems Improv Quilt

We've lived in our current house for just over a year and while I love our new home, I have this problem in our master bedroom -- there's no window! The room was intended to be a "media" room so the previous owners boxed in the window to create that dark cinema feeling. Our goal is to eventually put a window back in; but until then, I decided to create a large, light-colored quilted wall hanging as a place holder.

This is an improv quilt -- I simply started sewing together a series of fabrics I enjoyed and let the quilt develop on its own. The fabric is a combination of quilting cotton, double gauze, and linen. I titled it "Mountain Gems" because of the shapes and composition. 

After my first trip to Quiltcon 2017, I was inspired to experiment with my quilting. I quilted certain sections really tight, used different color threads, and incorporated hand quilting.