Tiny Silk Dresses

In addition to making myself a dress for some weddings we attended this summer, I also put together a couple of fancy dresses for my girls. A few years back I had a line of wedding and bridesmaid dresses and I still have a pretty nice stash of silk and decorative trimmings. So, I used this pattern to make each of my girls darling little silk dresses. 


Silk is not usually something I would choose for two little girls headed to a wedding with the main goal of eating cake -- but, I thought that since I had a pretty good stash of it then why not? I did put a layer of netting over the skirt for my younger daughter because she has messier tendencies and I thought that that might hide any drink spills.


The most rewarding part was seeing how excited the girls were to wear their dresses. And while they did get pretty dirty, a run through the dry cleaners fixed them right up!