glory tee

Glory Tee Hack x 2

I recently came across two opportunities to hack my Glory Tee pattern. First, I noticed a shirt of similar design that my mom was getting ready to toss because it didn't fit her quite right. It was a short-sleeved tee with a peplum bottom -- JUST like the Glory Tee. I asked her if I could have it to work a little magic on. 

I decided to use the size 5 pattern to make a shirt for my daughter. I started with the sleeves and used the existing sleeve (with hem included) to cut the size 5 sleeve out of. 

Moving on to the front and back bodice -- I folded the front of the shirt approximately on its center front then placed my pattern piece accordingly. I wanted to keep the already completed peplum so I budded the bottom of the pattern piece with the beginning of the peplum.

With the remaining fabric from the shirt, I cut the neckband out.

The steps to put the tee together were a little different considering the hems were already complete -- but it all worked up pretty quickly! And here's a little before and after..

For the second Glory Tee hack, I did a simple extension to the peplum. By adding around 11-12 inches to the already rectangular peplum pattern, the tee became a dress. Fabric found here